Together, in faith, we shall succeed

Achievements & Successes

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Star of The Week

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 21st April, pupils from Years 4, 5 & 6 competed in the Burslem Schools Swimming Gala.

We were supported by many parents and families who cheered us on.

Together as a school, we won the Y5 and Y6 girls overall trophy, the Y5 and Y6 boys overall trophy and the combined boys and girls Y5 and Y6 trophy.

St. Luke's are very proud of all the swimmers and hopefully we will retain the trophies next year.

Cross Country

Throughout the year cross country has been very successful. From school races to city races our St. Luke’s runners have done us proud through rain and sunshine.

Our first race at Endon High School was very successful and good luck stayed on our side, throughout the school races some of our pupils went on to represent Burslem. The success didn’t end there... The Burlsem girls team went on to win and the boys team did very well too. We would like to thank you to Mrs Bedwell and Mrs Sproston who coached and supported us through the running season.